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Dondi Ditcher


Central Excavation - Mono wheel - Small ditches


Mono-wheel central excavation ditcher to excavate ditches with a maximum depth of 35 to 78 cm and wall angle of 30°. The soil is only distributed on the right side of the ditch. Typically used to excavate temporary drains intended for surface water drainage or small irrigation ditches.


Main characteristics:


1 excavating rotor


drop box to raise PTO (for models DMR45 and DMR55)


bench-run-in bevel gears with helical teeth


spreading distance control of the excavated soil through mechanical regulation of the side covers


third point hydraulic device for easier transport and ditch entry operations (for models DMR45 and DMR55)



DMR.20 HP: 20-40
kW: 15-30
km/h: 0.8/1.2
rpm: 540
S-Angle: 30°
A-Width: 60cm
B-Width: 18cm
C-Height: 35
Weight: 190kg


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