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The King NT is a new generation machine designed to meet the direct requirements of farmers, ensuring great speed and precision of woek and limited power absorption.

The King NT horizontal trailed mixer is a machine with four augers with opposing flows. The perfect synergy between the lower mixing augers and the upper mixing augers ensures a double dynamic horizontal andvertical flow of materials, reducing mixing times and eliminating stoppage points. The effect is a simultaneous axial and orthogonal shuffling of the ration. The two specially desinged lower chopping-mixing augers gently convery the ingredients to be mixed along the front-centre part of the tank, where the flows converge and are puchsed upwards. The ration then falls back through the two special upper mixing augers to the front and rear ends of the tank for a new mixing cycle. It is the product itself that moves and mixes thanks to the constant free flow created. The resulting ration is of the highest nutrional value as it incorporates all the technical features to achieve maximum breeding results. In this way, power consumption is reduced to a minimum and operating costs and fuel savings are reduced, resulting in a lower cost of ration production.



King 170 NT Capacity: 17m3
Loading capacity: 4200kg
Empty weight: 6.7kg
Required Horsepower: 70hp
length: 6.95m
width std: 2.45m
Height std: 2.75m.


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